About .75 inches Square

Compressed Diamensions

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About .25 thickness

Essentials, Use Daily! Hygiene -Travel - Camping - Makeup Removal - Preparedness - Home & Office...


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Large Size, About: 10.5" x 8.5" When Fully Expanded.

   Material: Compressed into a Square, Non-Woven, Disposable. Compostable and Recyclable.  



Starting at: *$8.99

We are pleased by your visit, and your consideration for our concepts of ~ ~ Preservation, Conservation, Restoration ~ ~ improving the quality of lives, nature, and habitats of animal species in our Oceans, on Land, and in our Scenic Lakes and Rivers.

We acknowledge the many challenges in conserving, reducing and recycling waste. By consuming fewer resources and taking action through conservation we promote healthy and sustainable environments.

Our Vision:  Recognize that we can make a significant difference through our individual efforts, awareness, passions and most importantly our actions!! We sincerely ask that you consider your Environmental Footprint.  Collectively, our efforts will go a long way to ensure healthy and sustainable life on our wondrous and magnificent Earth!

You are invited to actively take part in eco-friendly efforts by recycling, considering contributions or volunteering at your favorite organizations.   Please take a moment to email us your thoughts, suggestions, and favorite cause you've selected to receive your kind contributions.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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"THE" TOWEL~WIPE~NAPKIN~TISSUE~Plus : Rinse & Reuse, No Additives, Durable, Unscented!