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​​Use Daily!!  "THE"TOWEL . WIPE . NAPKIN . TISSUE .Plus

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M J of Cameron Park, CA - ​Says:  Thanks for the great productI'm always ​looking for light-weight and compact backpacking supplies. These fit the bill on both counts.

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I always have a supply in my cooking setup. Great for washing hands, wiping pots, etc. can rinse and reuse. (edited length) 

 Trial Pak 5 Towels, Travel Container w/Carabiner

              Travel Container: W-2.5" x H-1.25"

*w/3 Travel Containers, W-2.5" x H-1.25"


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Point of Sale, Counter Top Display 

            Contains: 300 Towels

​   Compact Unit Size: W-6" x H-6"


​​​UPC # Printed on Each Wrap, Back-Side

75 - Towels

All Activities:

35 - Towels

Large Towel Size, About: 10.5" x 8.5"  When Fully Expanded.​

​  Moisten Towel with Water, Instantly Expands and Opens.

About .05 cents / e​ach

Counter Top Container

                   Contains: 400 Towels

          Compact Unit Size: W-7" x H-10" 


​​UPC # Printed on EachWrap Back-Side




Store / Wholesale

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*w/2 Travel Containers, W-2.5" x H-1.25"

About .75 inches Square

Compressed Diamensions


 75 - Towels, w/3 Travel Containers

Travel Containers: W-2.75" x H-2.25"

 5 - Travel Containers w/Carabiners, No Towels

       Gifts - Storage -Travel:  W-2.5" x H-1.25"

​​​​​Wholesale Direct Pricing!

*w/1 Travel Container, W-2.5" x H-1.25"


                      BULK CASE

               Contains: 2000 Towels 

         Case Unit Size: W-14" x H-12



150 - Towels

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Food Services

Expo Handouts

Home & Office



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About .25 thickness

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