Tuesday, March 23, 2010

*I received this product to review free of charge. I was not paid to say these things........this was my honest opinion of this product!*
Posted by Sarah Lewis

Gertrude's Green Ec'o Towel Review PLUS Giveaway GO GREEN!!

As a part of our "GO GREEN" project here at the Crazy House, we had the opportunity to complete a review for Gertrude's Green Ec'o Towel.  I was so surprised when they came in the mail!  We received the 24 count container of the Ec'o Towels as well as 5 of their pre-moistened towels. 


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First of all, these products are FUN!  My kids LOVED them.  It's amazing that you can take this small, pill looking product, run it under water for a few seconds and it turns into a regular sized cleaning rag!  My kids HATE to clean but when they saw these, all 3 of the older kids were wanting to clean just so they could watch their rags "grow."  And I especially loved that I didn't have to worry about my kids messing with any cleaners or harmful chemicals. These towels are all natural and contain no cleaners or chemicals.  AND, best of all, the kids rinsed and reused them over and over again. They were so excited to take them to school and show their teachers and peers how cool these towels were! Hey, I'm a fan of ANYTHING that makes my kids WANT to clean so these received 2 thumbs up from this busy Mama!  But you can do so much more with them. I used them to clean sticky hands and faces while we were on the go and they were super soft on my kids skin! You can purchase containers of these in all different quantities up to 500!

The other product we received was the Pre-Moistened Terry Cotton Towelette.  I loved how they were individually wrapped, reusable and are safe for skin because they are made without alcohol or harsh chemicals. They are also made of 100% bio-degradable cotton!!  I put a cpuple in each vehicle and one in the diaper bag for emergencies!

We really loved that these products are all recyclable and compostable. Like their website says, "It's so Ec'o~Logical"  The Crazy Lewis House gives these products 5 stars!