About .75 inches Square

Compressed Diamensions

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About .25 thickness

 That was fun and different. However, it was intense pressure, and tension filled work as the entertainment industry can be. I began to reevaluate life's options.

So, I began working from home where I could refocus on raising my two wonderful son's who came first. They now have success within their own career choices. Needless to say, as a mom... " I'm so proud of them ".

Working from home allowed me to try marketing & selling several new products. I knew I wanted to do something in the Eco-Friendly and growing "World of Green". That's how I discovered and developed "gertrude's Green Ec'o Towel" TM . It's so practical, useful, and economical. Can be rinsed and reused.  I just love this towel, it's perfect for everyday uses: spills, cleaning, personal care for any age or gender, animals too. It's very durable & refreshing!! You can eliminate messy paper-towels, smelly chemical wipes, thin tissues, paper napkins, etc.

It occurred to me so many other people might enjoy its versatility and benefits. It truly will take care of an unlimited number of daily uses. It can be used either wet or dry. So now, I'm trying my hand at being an entrepreneur... and the pressures are greater than all those former corporate jobs put together!!

Now that I've chosen to do something I enjoy while getting older (which I will never admit to) I have decided I want to contribute in an Eco-Friendly way that's good for me , my sons, plus their future families. It's one way we make a smaller footprint on the World (can't hurt), and our personal environments are healthier for it. That's how "gertrude's Green Ec'o Towel" TM came to be.

                  As I now like to say...  "It's so Ec'o ~ Logical"

I was born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey... no relation to Frank Sinatra (ha ha!). I now reside in sunny California. Interestingly, my New Jersey accent still comes through loud and clear at times. Even after all these years.

Throughout my life, my career choices have ranged from major corporate entities in New York City, to the Burbank Studios here in California. It wasn't that I was pursuing an acting career, but instead and fortunately, I held a prestigious office job with Ray Stark where I met numerous celebrities.

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